Field Trips

Field Trips


Throughout the year, the Kindergarten students will have the opportunity to go off campus and enjoy themselves at different venues.  In order to make each trip a successful one, chaperones and drivers are needed.  In order to be a chaperone, parents will need to have a background check as well as provide the office with their insurance information.

In order for your child to attend each field trip, they will need to bring their booster seat to school on the day of the event.  Students will also need to wear their uniforms on these special days!  

In the Fall, the children will get to experience the pumpkin patch and learn how pumpkins grow!  

On Thursday, February 15th, the Kindergarten and First grade students will be going to Storybook Theater to see Pinocchio.

When the weather gets nicer, we will be going to the zoo to see different types of animals 🙂