Welcome to Kindergarten!



 My name is Deena Cook and I am the kindergarten teacher at SMS. I have  a Master’s in Educational Technology and recently received a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, 120 hour certificate.

Here is a brief background for you all about me. I decided to stay home when my first daughter Denise was born. I have twin boys who are 17, a son Oliver who is 9 and Gracie who is 6. I am an author of three children’s books. “Pinky and Peanut”are two girls who go on adventures and learn life skills. The gift of writing has allowed me to travel and meet many young readers. I have a strong love of God, of learning and volunteering. I have two cats and one big dog. My life is very busy to say the least. I wouldn’t change anything! In addition  I am a teacher on Zoom to children in China. I find that I am happiest when I am learning. Spending time researching not only opens my mind but keeps my love of learning strong. I am constantly singing. (I sang in a choir and spent my youth-through collage performing in musicals) My house is filled with learning, love and laughter.

I hope to show children how exciting it is to learn and how much fun school can be. As we start this new school year, I want each child who enters my room whether in person or online, to know they are loved and will succeed. I am here to help them grow both academically and spiritually. I can’t think of a better job. I love to think of Kindergarten as a year of lightbulbs. All of their new learning and the excitement when it all comes together is magical. This is a year of new adventures and exciting journeys. Know I will take care of your children and help them to reach for the stars. Xxoo-Deena Cook


About me:

Deena Cook

I was born in Connecticut.

I was raised in Washington from 9 years old on.

I have five children from First Grade to college. Wow!!!

I have one 90 pound dog named Charlie.

I have two cats named Figaro and Mia.

I love Broadway music!

Disneyland, the Oregon Coast and Maui are my favorite places to go with my children.

I write children books.

I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I also wanted to be an author when I grew up.

I love God so much!

I love Starbucks, popcorn and chocolate.

I want people to always know I loved them for who they are.

My favorite quote is, ” Never met a man I didn’t like.” (Will Rogers)